About Us

The brainchild of a former (thank you sports injuries) competitive Southern California tennis player, it all began as a joke when in 2016, I created a middle finger tennis dampener to prank my USTA teammates.

For years prior, I had used silly or off the wall childrens dampeners as a mental tennis aid and a way to reduce some of my on-court frustration and keep calm and relaxed between points.

Never intending to start a business, the response to the middle finger from friends and family resulted in the creation of the adults-only line of funny tennis dampeners, with the mooning players and obscene gestures coming from our own on-court antics.

At the request of local tennis club pro-shops and stores, I decided to expand to offer family-friendly dampeners suitable for sale in shops.

From there, the Racket Expression's tennis racket dampener catalog has expanded every year as my wife, kids and I come up with new ideas and customers make requests that are a good fit for our whimsical style.

I try to create designs that are unique and unlike any other vibration dampeners out there, including having my dampeners machined with stamping, embossing and raised textures to give them a stand-out look that has become the signature of the Racket Expressions brand.

2013 Socal USTA Sectionals Champion & Nationals Team "Kicking Aces"

Andy Halio
Owner - Racket Expressions