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Middle Finger Wholesale 10 Pack (Pink)

Find it at your favorite online retailer or ask for Racket Expressions dampeners at your local tennis store!

Product Description

Racket Expressions signature line features dozens of unique mood expressive artisan tennis dampeners that let players make a statement, express their feelings, show their personality or tell someone what they think of their bad shot or bad line call without saying a word.

Tell yourself, your opponent, tennis coach, line judge or doubles partner how you really feel without saying a word. Our middle finger racket dampener is specially sized not to fall out and get lost on the court during play.

Quality Materials:
Each Racket Expressions tennis vibration dampener is made of high quality soft PVC for maximum performance as a tennis racket shock absorber.

High Detail:
Our tennis dampeners are made with a unique raised embossed effect that really makes each detail of their creative design stand out. You will appreciate the workmanship and detail that has gone into each of our dampeners when they arrive. 

Vibrant and Colorful:
Racket Expressions dampeners are designed to add expression and personal flair with vibrant high contrast colors that look great on any tennis racket and with any string color.

Great Social and Mental

Social and Mental Tennis Aids:
You'll love the looks, comments and laughs you get on the court when people see your dampener. Our tennis dampeners stand out and make great conversation starters and pre-match icebreakers for any player. They also serve as mental tennis aids and give players something to tinker with and focus on between points. Sometimes just seeing something cute, fun, funny or having your own inside joke sitting on your racket strings makes a world of difference on the court.




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