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Anyone who plays tennis knows just how frustrating a game it can be.

Racket Expressions is a Southern California company that started in 2016 as a result of a recreational player's own on-court challenges.

I needed something that would help me with my on-court frustration, improve my mental tennis game and help maintain my sense of humor no matter how badly I was playing. One day it hit me - What better way to express your feelings (besides swearing and throwing your racket, of course...) than with a cute, fun, hilarious or shocking and obscene tennis dampener?

With a background as a graphic designer, I went to the drawing board and created a funny middle finger and produced a small run of middle finger tennis dampeners for myself and my friends, never planning to start a business.

People flipped when they saw them so I made two more -  A mooning tennis player and a raging tennis ball. The instant popularity of my unique artisan dampeners led me to keep designing more. And just like that, Racket Expressions was born.


It turned out that I wasn't alone and that lots of other tennis players all across the world also want a way to help keep their cool, express their feelings, moods and show off their personality on the court.

Just over 18 months later in the summer of 2017, I began production on my 30th tennis dampener design. As of January 2019, I have more than 50 unique dampener designs available for purchase online and in retail tennis stores nationwide.

Racket Expressions dampeners have a signature look, feel and style. I continually push the envelope of what is technically possible in a tennis dampener, experimenting with odd (sometimes impossible to make) shapes, different sizes, glitters, and spare no cost when it come to production methods to ensure high tennis racket shock absorber performance in addition to an unmatched level detail and workmanship.

We love hearing from our customers and getting input from tennis players, coaches and store owners. Your ideas, feedback and product suggestions are always welcome!

Andy Halio

Owner, Racket Expressions

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